What is a One Name Study


A One Name Study is ...

... a long term project to find as many references to the surname - Windlow - throughout the world and to act as a resource for others who also an interest in the Windlow surname.


In order to accomplish this, I will be using a variety of available resources from the UK, North America and Australia including Births, Marriages and Deaths, as well as Census records and not forgetting any other places in the world where Windlow has been documented.


During my research, I will also undertake to seek out variants of the Windlow surname.

Surname Distribution

In the UK, Windlow is documented in the North of England - in the counties of Northumberland and Durham. There are also records in Canada and USA and Denmark. (See Surname Distribution).

Surname Meaning

I have visited the Surname database website and found that Windlow and its variants are not listed, so I will endeavour to find out more during the course of my ONS.

In the meantime, I would be most pleased if you have any information regarding the Windlow surname or its variants for inclusion in this project - please contact me.