Surname Distribution


Using a Surname Distribution tool found at I have been able to make an initial analysis of the Windlow (and its variants) distribution in 1881.

My findings were:

Windlow doesn’t appear but Winlow does!

Most are in Sunderland, then Durham and Newcastle Upon Tyne, which is where I would expect them to be.

Surprisingly, there appears to be a small number of Winlow’s in the Doncaster area.

There is also a Winlo surname appearing in Harrow.

I also looked at the frequency distribution further afield and using different distribution tools at and

My findings were as follows:

Windlow - the only site having anything on this surname was which showed 0.14 Frequency Per Million (FPM) in USA and 0.04 FPM in UK

On the website Forbears, I found one statistic which showed in Australia in 2014 there were 22 incidences of the Windlow surname. A frequency of 1: 1,071,191 people.

So I looked at possible variants:

Winlow - 4.1 FPM in UK with a strong distribution of people in the same area (North) as Windlow. Winlow was also found in other areas of the UK to a lesser frequency. Winlow was also found in Canada 0.23 FPM and USA 0.14 FPM

Other Variants:

Wyndlow - Canada 0.23 FPM (Ontario 3.16 FPM)

Windelow - Denmark 2.93 FPM and USA 0.04 FPM had data for Winlow only:

Surname WINLOW
Count 230
Ranking     =19486

No matches were found on either site for Windlo

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